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Gidakai kae. To the great All, may the dead become one with Thra again. May we feel their tears in rain and their warmth in the suns. Though they are gone, they remain with us still.


Rek'yr was a Gelfling of the Dousan Clan and Sandmaster of the Southern Xeric who lived during the late Age of Division.


While traveling the Crystal Desert, Rek'yr heard the dirge that Brea, Rian, Deet, Hup, Kylan, Naia, and Gurjin had sung for Brea's mother, All-Maudra Mayrin. Deeply moved, he decided to introduce himself and arrived with the dawn, offering to ferry them on his steed Bennu wherever they liked, and gifted Brea with a protective Moog-bone charm. However, when Brea asked to be taken to the Circle of the Suns, Rek'yr became hesitant to go to the purportedly dangerous, cursed, and forbidden ruins. He offered to take her to the Wellspring instead, a "verdant oasis with a crystal spring", but Brea only accused him of cowardice. Rek'yr then relented, offering to take them as far as he was able, but not the entire way.[1]

Trying and failing one final time to dissuade Brea from visiting the Circle, Rek'yr kissed Brea's hand and departed on Bennu. He learned of skekMal hunting him, but skekMal arrived before he could flee, demanding to know of Rian's location. Rek'yr faced skekMal without fear, refusing to help guide him on another hunt as he was a "butcher", and although skekMal threatened to mutilate him, Rek'yr was unafraid, saying his hands, feet, head, and even his life belonged to Thra. SkekMal asked "what about his life?" before launching one of Rek'yr's two servants off the cliffside, but Rek'yr remained defiant, assuring him that they'd all rather die than submit. Unfortunately however, Rek'yr's last servant did indeed submit and fearfully revealed the information to skekMal. Rek'yr tried to silence her, but skekMal beat Rek'yr down and ordered the servant to escort him on Bennu to the Circle of the Suns, leaving Rek'yr unconscious on the cliff face.[2]



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