The Red-Haired Paladin was a Gelfling Paladin for the Vapra who told the guards of the Castle of the Crystal the truth about what actually happened to Mira which made them plan to overtake it.

Biography Edit

The Red-Haired Paladin, or "Freckles", was a Gelfling Paladin who tells the Mayrin All-Maudra of the darkened Landstriders. He suggested putting down the Landstrider that was still ensnared but the All-Maudra uses his sword to release it instead.

Freckles was among the paladins who volunteered to fight the Arathim. While there he was complimented by skekZok for having a "strong aura," skekVar, however, disliked him for having freckles on his face. Nevertheless, he was chosen and went with the Skeksis. Along with himself Brea, Deet, Hup, and the other chosen volunteers were saved when Rian and the others rescued them. After Rian's speech, he was the first to agree to Dreamfast with him.

Freckles made it into the Castle of the Crystal and told the castle guards the truth about what what's happening. He and the guards plan to revolt against the Skeksis but their plan foiled by a traitor who tells them of their attack. Because of this, the plan went horribly and all of them were captured, but one was able to escape. While captured, he told Tavra of her mother's passing. SkekVar zapped him three times with an electric rod while looking for the strongest Gelfling. For some unknown reason, Freckles was not drained like the other guards but somehow got ended up being controlled by the Ascendency.

Along with the other prisoners, he was saved when Aughra traded her life for theirs. They escape through the catacombs where skekVar and skekLach tried to kill them but were unable. He traveled with Brea's group back to Stonewood where they met up with Rian and Deet. With the others, he helps prepare by making bombs while they wait for the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood to commence.

In the battle, he is equipped with an improvised spear and his garbs. While Rian is in his duel with skekVar he suggests on helping him but is denounced. When the Skeksis charge he is the "platform" Seladon uses to get in the air. He is among the ones who follow into Rian's charge at the Skeksis. Freckles, Kylan, and a Stonewood guard and skekLach get hit by a blast of a bomb. They then try to overtake him again with the help of another Vapra Paladin but were not able to and all of them got knocked down. He survives to the end the battle where the Skeksis flee when the other clans arrive.

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