Podling was the native language of the Podlings. The language had no system of writing, and was thus completely oral in nature.[1] The vast majority of Podlings were monoglots, though some, such as Hup and the servants at the Castle of the Crystal, did manage to learn basic Modern Gelfling.

While once understood by the Gelfling,[2] most Gelfling could not understand it by the late Age of Harmony,[3] a trend which persisted through the Age of Division. Few non-Podling races or individuals learned the language, though Kira[2] and Raunip[3] were fluent in it, and Aughra understood it.[4]

By the early Age of Power, the Podlings had begun to become fluent in Gelfling.[5][6]


  • aminya - friend
  • apada... - "my name is..."[7]
  • aoza daminia![3]
  • apopiapoiopidiappididiapipob - "master gardeners who live in bulging plants"[1]
  • avearh![8]
  • avoyay... - "this is..."[8]
  • babolim - nuts[9]
  • bar[8]
  • bindi[8]
  • bodyee nyuncechas ouamo![8]
  • doilay[8]
  • dzonla temar - "pardon me"[7]
  • fala avo - "nice to meet you"[7]
  • fala vam - "thank you"[3]
  • lyepa[2]
  • nabrushoo - "let's go"[8]
  • otamvam? - "what's your name?"[7]
  • otkooda?[8]
  • shkekshe - Skeksis[2]
  • trabom - "you're welcome"[7]
  • zodzenpo - "see you later/goodbye"[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

The language of the Podlings in The Dark Crystal was based on Serbo-Croatian, with Kurtz noting that audience members fluent in Polish, Russian and other Slavic languages could understand individual words, but not whole sentences.[10] The Podling language in Age of Resistance, however, was a constructed language created by J.M. Lee.[11]


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