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Aughra's Orrery

Suns! Moons! Stars! Yes!...The angle of eternity!

Aughra, [1]

The Orrery was a complex mechanical contraption at the center of Aughra's observatory. It consists of moving metal representations of astronomical bodies in Thra's solar system, indicating the relative orbits and movements of the Three Brothers, the Three Sisters, and other heavenly bodies. Aughra used it to make predictions about future celestial occurrences, notably the timing of the Great Conjunction.

The Orrery was built by the urSkeks during the early Age of Harmony, in gratitude for Aughra teaching them the nature of Thra and its inhabitants.[2] TekTih and ShodYod in particular were instrumental in its construction.[3] The Orrery was destroyed by the Garthim during the late Age of Division whilst seeking to capture Jen.[1]


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