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There is something so soothing about standing under the tree's impressive body; it has the same feeling as lying in the arms of one's mother and feeling the rest of the world fade away.

Cradle Tree

Artistic depiction

Olyeka-Staba (Modern Gelfling: Cradle Tree) was a Great Tree located in the Endless Forest. Its trunk was as wide as the Black River, and was reputed to be the origin of all the trees in the Endless Forest, hearing and feeling everything heard and felt within it. Members of the Stonewood Clan would frequently visit the tree in order to hear its wisdom or check it for illness in order to anticipate future sickness in the Endless Forest itself.[1]

Throughout the Age of Division, Olyeka-Staba, together with the other Great Trees, struggled to hold the Darkening at bay, but began to falter once the Skeksis began draining Gelfling of their essence.[2]

Other continuities[]

In the novel Shadows of the Dark Crystal, urVa the Mystic became trapped within the tree after attempting to heal it. He was later rescued by Naia and Kylan.


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