Old Gelfling was the archaic language of the Gelfling. By the late Age of Division, words from the language were used in titles and personal names,[1] while full sentences were used for ritual and ceremonial purposes.[2]


  • ghel-lflainnk - "those who live without knowledge of the future", the etymological root of "Gelfling".[3]
  • gidakai kae - a salutation used by Rek'yr to greet the Gelfling resistance.[2]
  • maudra - "mother", later used as a title for a clan matriarch.[4]
  • maudren - "those of the Mothers".[4]
  • rian - "a little solution to a big problem", chosen by Shoni as a personal name for her and Ordon's future son.[1]
  • Ru Aiki Ru A'ela Ru Ada'a Ru - sung by Seladon to summon Windsifters.[2]
  • Tsian oo as ae oo-oo am Bez a-a-a puy-um tsa, Nu mi-ami oo-a-be Tso-o-o-am be-na-ub - a dirge sung by members of the Gelfling resistance in memory of All-Maudra Mayrin.[2]
  • vliya - essence.[4]
  • vliyaya - "flame of the blue fire".[4]
  • yesmit - curse word, referring to Aughra's third eye.[4]


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