Low Tree

Artistic depiction of one of the Low Tree's branches

Come sleep beneath the swaying boughs
Of the Low Tree in the wood
Roots that bind the earth to stone
Of the Low Tree in the wood

Extract from Ode to the Low Tree[1]

Nenadi-Staba (Modern Gelfling: Low Tree) was a Great Tree located in a valley of Sami Thicket. It was physically squat, with thick labyrinthine roots and comparatively thin branches sporting golden hand-shaped leaves. Spriton younglings would play among its roots, while elder clan members would meditate under its shade.[1]

Throughout the Age of Division, Nenadi-Staba, together with the other Great Trees, struggled to hold the Darkening at bay, but began to falter once the Skeksis began draining Gelfling of their essence.[2]


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