Neffi has an enthusiasm towards children that is displayed several times throughout the book.  One of the main characters in the story after watching her play with the children the elderly woman who works the loom at her village Lolly suggests she start raising some of her own.  After taking a walk through the woods she watches her village from nearby cliff finding the view absolutely beautiful she muses that it would be nice to enjoy it with another and ponders visiting another village to see who she can meet.  However she eventually decides that this would be an endeavor for another day.  Much like Lahr who she later on meets up with finds herself the lone survivor of a Garthim raid and is even more shaken up by it than he was.  Neffi however would later on prove herself to be just as brave and resourceful as Lahr is and perhaps even more outspoken under the right circumstances.  One such example is in the Namopo Valley when Kelsee rushes in to warn that the Garthim are on their way panic breaks out in the cave.  Even Lahr looses his mind and joins the calls to flee.  Neffi watching all of this finally asserts herself bringing Lahr back to his senses and calming everyone down before leading the call to stay and fight.  She even comes up with one of the ideas to do it.  She ends up using her skills as a weaver to build a spiked net made out of yarn an spikes from these gourds that Hana has collected for her.  The net is eventually draped across the cave entrance to help repel the oncoming Garthim.

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