Nebrie are large amphibious creatures that inhabit the swampy regions of Thra. Jen encounters the grub-like creatures when, after being startled by Fizzgig, he falls into a bog. Kira is able to call below the muck to a mother Nebrie, who lifts him out.

After it saved Jen, it started to eat on some fern-like plants, so it is most likely that they are herbivores.

Skeksis consider Roast Nebrie to be a great delicacy, often slaughtering the animal for their daily banquets.

However the podlings utilize Nebrie as well. The Podlings domesticate Nebrie for collecting milk, and when a nebrie died the Podlings would waste nothing - its skin would be used to make drums and the patches of fur around its face and ears would be fashioned into clothes for the little podlings.

In the film's novelization, Aughra serves Jen nebrie cheese, which he finds to be delicious.

The members of the Order of Lesser Service would help raise baby nebrie, whose teeth had yet to grow, chewing food and spitting it in their mouths.

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