Moogs were small fossorial animals native to the Crystal Desert. They resembled a mixture of a hermit crab and a mole, and were about a foot and a half long at full maturity, with furry bodies covered in protective exoskeletal armor. They lived in burrows underneath rocks, but they often fed and foraged above ground, using their massive armored forelimbs to plow away shallow layers of substrate in the search for insects. Unlike most oviparous animals, they breastfed their offspring after they hatched.[1] Moog bones were used as protection charms by the Dousan Clan.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit


Design contest winner

This is an entirely new Dark Crystal creature added to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance as the result of a fan contest to submit designs for a unique being. The original concept for Moog was created by Yukari Masuike.[3]

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