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Modern Gelfling text

Extract from Brea's journal containing text in Modern Gelfling written in Vapran logograms

Spriton alphabet

Example of the Spriton alphabet

Modern Gelfling was the native language of the Gelfling, coming into use about halfway through the Age of Harmony, completely substituting Old Gelfling in everyday parlance.

It was used throughout the Age of Division as a lingua franca among the sentient races of Skarith and influenced the demotic speech of the Skeksis.[1] It was however not widely used by the Podlings until the Age of Power.[2]

While there were no major dialectal differences among the Gelfling Clans, the Vapra were noted for speaking in an accent resembling that of some of the Skeksis.[3] They also differed in their writing systems, with the Vapra using logograms, while the Spriton had an actual alphabet.[4]


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