Mitjan was one of Deet's fathers who lived during the late Age of Division and is a member of the Grottan Clan.

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Mitjan was born and grew up in the Caves of Grot. At some point, he met Lath'N. They fell in love, married, and started a family together. First, their daughter Deet was born, and a few trine (years) later, they had a son they named Bobb'N.

For many years, the family lived happily together in the Caves of Grot, tending the Nurloc herds. But one day, Deet received a vision from the Sanctuary Tree regarding the Darkening. She was knocked unconscious. Upon returning home and awakening, Deet told her family and Maudra Argot about her experience. Sensing its significance, Argot sent Deet to warn the All-Maudra. Though hesitant, he eventually let Deet leave. Upon Deet's departure, Mitjan remained behind with his husband and son.

After striking a deal with the Skeksis, the Arathim invaded the Caves of Grot to deliver the gelfling that resided there to the Skeksis in return for their ancestral home. During the invasion of the Caves of Grot Mitjan, along with his husband Lath'N and son Bobb'N, fell victim to the mind controlling Arathim called Threaders.

However, Deet's actions turned the Arathim to side with the gelfling and as a result Mitjan, Lath'N, Bobb'N, Maudra Argot, and the rest of the gelflings were all released from Arathim control.

Mitjan and Lath'N helped Bobb'N and Maudra Argot escaped the Caves of Grot through the Sanctuary Tree.

During the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood, Mitjan stayed behind to care for Bobb'N.

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