Such an honor for you! No Gelfling has laid eyes upon the Crystal in a thousand trine. Look deep into it.


Mira was a Vapran Gelfling Castle Guard who lived during the late Age of Division. She was the late lover of Rian and became the first Gelfling to have her essence extracted.

History[edit | edit source]

Mira met her lover Rian in the Castle of the Crystal, working with him as a Castle Guard, protecting the Skeksis whom they served, often playing pranks by stealing food or escaping to tall towers to lounge about. One day while dreamfasting with Rian however, they were interrupted by a Silk Spitter, and immediately went to report it. Rian however eventually chose not to, and decided to give chase with Mira instead. Mira and Rian tracked the Spitter to the castle catacombs where Gelfling were not allowed to tread.

Undaunted, Mira flew down into the catacombs, leaving Rian behind to catch up. It proved fatal however, as she was accosted by skekTek, who brought her willingly to his laboratory where he was experimenting on the Dark Crystal; although it had stopped providing the Skeksis with life, he and skekSil thought they could use it to drain the life of others for their own use. Unknowing of the danger, Mira followed skekTek's orders to stand before the crystal, even as she became horrified at the electricity playing across it. It was too late however, as it had begun draining her essence, and although she called to the Skeksis for help she could not escape and they would not save her. SkekTek then stabbed two tubes into her back to drain the essence into a bowl, and as the last of the life was drained from her, she saw Rian, and then vanished altogether, imploding in a flash of light.

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