Maudra Mera loves the Skeksis almost as much as she fears them.

Maudra Fara[2]

Maudra Mera was the leader of the Spriton Clan during the late Age of Division.

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Mera responded to Seladon's summons when she received a windsifter with one seventh of the Living Crown, bringing it to Seladon's coronation ceremony and returning it to the crown with her blessing. When both Maudra Fara and Maudra Laesid refused to acknowledge Seladon as All-Maudra, withdrawing the support of Stonewood and Drenchen clans, Mera was astonished as such a thing had never occurred. She responded to Fara's challenge for the throne and argument that the All-Maudra had not always having been Vapran by saying the Skeksis decreed Seladon to be All-Maudra, but she was overruled by Laesid, saying the Skeksis have no legitimacy due to their practice of draining Gelfling. Even so, Mera joined Maudras Ethri and Seethi in trying to talk Fara down, asking her to reconsider and insisting that they could not stand against the Skeksis in Fara's proposed war. Fara disagreed with Mera's assertion due to the Skeksis' current numerical disadvantage, but eventually Seladon accepted Fara's challenge, prompting Mera to ask how they could have become so divided. After Seladon attacked Fara, Seladon spoke to Mera and the others, claiming that her mother was to blame for this "discord". After Fara refused Seladon's offer to follow her, Seladon posited the same question to Mera, who bowed.[3]

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In J.M Lee's Shadows of the Dark Crystal, Naia comes across Mera hurrying the spriton clan around, preparing for the census. She later greets SkekOk and SkekLach with her two sons. When SkekLach devoured a whole bowl of sweet cherry-squash, she held her breath waiting for his approval. He screamed with laughter and she sighed, releaved that he approved of their clans signature dish.

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