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Mayrin was the penultimate Maudra of the Vapra Clan and All-Maudra of the entire Gelfling race, who lived during the late Age of Division. She was the mother of Seladon, Tavra, and Brea.

Biography Edit

Early life and ascensionEdit

Child Mayrin

Mayrin as a child

Mayrin was groomed from childhood to become both Maudra of her clan and All-Maudra of her entire race.[3] Her youth was marked by the pressure put on her by her mother, who frequently neglected and mocked her.[4]

Upon being crowned All-Maudra, Mayrin found herself struggling to maintain the unity of her people in light of the Age of Sifans movement. With the assistance of her advisor, Dot'leth, she arranged to be ferried to skekSa's ship, where she would have negotiated with the Sifan separatist leader Fenth. Upon boarding the Scalene Anchor, she took an immediate dislike of the skiff's captain, Kam'lu, himself a supporter of Fenth, for addressing her as "Maudra" rather than "All-Maudra". During the journey, the skiff was attacked by the Mondo Levidian, and Mayrin rescued Kam'lu from drowning, but found her mission imperiled by the loss of her advisor and the destruction of her transport.[4]

She and Kam'lu were subsequently swallowed by the Mondo Levidian and encountered the Boblings and their king in its intestinal tract. There, Mayrin discovered that her mother had previously visited the Boblings and left them gifts. Under the protection of Gunda, Mayrin and Kam'lu headed to the Mondo Levidian's porticol, the key to their escape.[5]

Joining the resistanceEdit

Mayrin supported the Skeksis and the Alliance of the Crystal initially, enjoying the rewards her station afforded her from her lords, and quickly rejected Brea's idea of returning a farmer's necklace as ludicrous.[2] When Mayrin discovered Brea to have stolen and returned it, she took the opportunity presented by Brea wiping Elder Cadia's memory to punish Brea, sending her to the Order of Lesser Service.[6]

Mayrin later sent her daughter Tavra away to hunt down Rian, who had allegedly killed Mira, a Vapran. This, combined with Brea not being present, began to weigh on Mayrin despite Seladon's reassurance, as she had sent away two of her three daughters. She tried to delay her duties that day, but Seladon convinced her to put duty first, and together they departed.[7]

Attending to her duties, Mayrin investigated the blight upon the land and discovered that numerous Landstriders, at least 80, had gone insane. Mayrin examined the only one captured and realized that the farmers were right about the blight infecting their crops. Although her paladins suggested putting the beast down, Mayrin released it, then returning to Ha'rar due to the arrival of skekVar and skekZok who were waiting for her. Told by the Skeksis that seven volunteers were required to deal with a rising Arathim menace, Mayrin quickly complied with supplying them and later ran into Brea and Seladon arguing. Acquiescing to Brea's request to see Lore and sending Seladon away, Mayrin was shocked that a secret chamber was hidden beneath her throne without her knowledge, greeting Lore. Interested in how Brea came to find the chamber, they dreamfasted together only to find themselves in the Dream Space, Mayrin asking Aughra how they arrived. After explaining that the Crystal of Truth brought them to overthrow the Skeksis, Seladon denounced it as treason and urged Mayrin to "remember who you serve", but Mayrin only said that she served Thra. After Aughra ejected Seladon from the Dream Space, Mayrin demanded to know what happened, only to be reassured that Aughra merely sent her back to her body. Standing before the Crystal, the truth was revealed to Mayrin about the Skeksis draining the Gelfling's essence, and she immediately realized that the "volunteers" the Skeksis required were in fact going to be drained, hastily pledging the support of the Vapra Clan in the resistance right before Aughra returned them all to their bodies.

Upon waking, Mayrin rushed to confront skekVar and skekZok about the volunteers, stopping only to free Deet and Hup en route (quickly granting Hup's request to become a paladin). On arrival, Mayrin demanded the Skeksis release her paladins, launching into a speech about not accepting Skeksis theft, enslavement, or draining any more. In response, skekVar sliced her stomach open, leaving her to bleed to death on the floor, surrounded by her daughters.[8] After Maryin's death, Seladon refused to give her mother the proper burial ceremonies to return her to Thra, citing treason, and instead burned her body.[9]

Personality and traitsEdit

In her youth, Mayrin was plagued by self doubt, instilled in her by her mother. Upon ascending the throne, she immediately distinguished herself from her despotic predecessor by actually caring about the concerns of other Gelfling Clans who feared that unity under the Vapra was eroding their distinctive cultures.[4]

In the final trine of her reign, she became conscious that her position depended largely on the patronage of the Skeksis, and suspected that their favoritism of the Vapra Clan was a ploy to divide her people. Nevertheless, she grudgingly grew accustomed to her situation and freely accepted her overlords' gifts,[3] justifying her servility as necessary for maintaining order and believing that insurrection would have put her and her daughters' privileges at risk. This could sometimes manifest in acts of callousness on her part, such as going along with the Skeksis' tithing ceremonies which, while not noticeably affecting her own standard of living, could be economically crippling to her poorer constituents.[2] Her primary concern, however, was the safety of her clan and race as a whole,[3] and was quickly roused from her apathy when she learned of the Skeksis' plan to harvest the Gelfling for their essence.[8]

She was a fluent speaker of Podling[5] and was skilled with a blade, being able to swiftly kill multiple Zoa.[10]

Personal relationshipsEdit


It's time you started to act like a princess.

Relations between Mayrin and Brea were sometimes strained. Mayrin believed that Brea read too many stories, and dismissed her thirst for social justice and opposition to the tithing ceremonies as childish political naivety.[2] She was further aggravated by Brea's constant tardiness at court[2] and her disobedience,[8] which she punished as she would have any other subject, declaring that princesses were not above the law.[6]

Nevertheless, Brea was believed to have been Mayrin's favourite daughter, leading to allegations by Seladon that she was in fact spoiled by her.[7] She would defend Brea from Seladon's bullying[6] and, according to Brea herself, was never shy about sincerely declaring her love for her, sometimes to motivate her into doing tedious chores.[9]


During Mayrin's early reign, Dot'leth acted as her advisor confidante, just as she had with the previous All-Maudra. Mayrin treated Dot'leth much more informally than she did her other courtiers, allowing herself some unguarded moments of self doubt in front of her. Dot'leth herself was not afraid to criticize the new All-Maudra when necessary, even in front of non-Vapran constituents.[4]

Her motherEdit

Age of Resistance 11 1

Mayrin cradling a bust of her mother

No one really knows my true nature. But I will defeat those who doubt my determination. Who call me reckless. Who see my courage as a weakness. I'll prove them all wrong. Including you, Mother.


Mayrin's relationship with her mother was complex, having been groomed by her to be All-Maudra since childhood,[3] while simultaneously being a victim of her coldness and mockery. After her coronation, Mayrin paradoxically sought to rid her throne room of all evidence of her mother's preferred aesthetic, while simultaneously trying to prove herself a worthy successor by flying through Raunip's Pass with the same ease her predecessor could, hearing her mother's mocking words in the wind.[4]


I loved you with all I had. I'm sorry it wasn't enough.

Mayrin's treatment of Seladon mirrored the way she herself had been raised by her mother, being especially tough on her to prepare Seladon in her role as future All-Maudra. Among the lessons she imparted to Seladon was her duty to be an All-Maudra first and foremost, and to avoid being swayed by matters of the heart, lest she fail in her duties to Thra and the Skeksis. She had genuine faith in her daughter, opining that she would have one day made a great ruler.[7] Seladon herself resented Mayrin's coldness, believing that she preferred Brea over her,[7] and was quick to denounce her as a traitor once she defied her Skeksis overlords, to the point of denying her a proper burial.[9]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mayrin's appearance was largely based on the designs of the aged Kira from the abandoned Power of the Dark Crystal sequel film.[11]

In performing as Mayrin, Louise Gold sought to confer on the character a sense of regality by minimizing her movements.[11]

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