Maudras Ethri, Seethi and Mera

The Maudras were the female matriarchs of each Gelfling clan during the Age of Division, and were tasked with governing their clan members, as well as representing them before the Skeksis. The Maudras themselves were subservient to the All-Maudra who, as well as acting as Maudra to her own clan, also doubled as ruler of all Gelflings. By the late Age of Division, most All-Maudras had been of the Vapra Clan, though this had not always been the case.[1]

When an All-Maudra died, her crown was separated into seven pieces, of which six were given to the subservient Maudras who would reassemble the crown for the newest All-Maudra, bearer of the seventh piece. Historically, only two such crowning ceremonies were disputed, one occurring 639 trine prior to the Garthim War and another shortly before it between Seladon and Fara.[1]

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