Makrak attack

Makraks raid a Gelfling encampment

The Makraks were a race native to Skarith's underground caverns. Dwelling in the heat of Thra's core, the Makraks thrived in high temperatures and felt immense pain when forced to emerge to the surface world. They were adept at tool use, using hammers and picks to burrow their way underground.[1]

History Edit

After the Great Division, the Makraks were forced to vacate their homes after a fissure caused their caverns to collapse. Lost in a strange alien environment, the Makraks were driven mad with fear and pain. While exploring, they encountered several Podling settlements, which they inadvertently destroyed in attempt to seek shelter from the surface world's weather.[1]

Fearing that the Gelflings would be their next target, elder Carn negotiated with the newly proclaimed emperor of the Skeksis, skekSo, to offer them protection in exchange for military supplies, thus forming the Alliance of the Crystal. Raunip took an interest in the matter and sought another solution in order to prevent the Gelfings from going to war. When the Makraks encroached upon the Valley of the Mystics, the Podling Kotha managed to communicate with them through Animal Soul Speaking. He learned of the plight of the creatures and explained to his allies that they were merely searching for a new home. The Makraks were subsequently nearly exterminated by Skeksis forces lead by skekVar, but were saved by the intervention of the urRu.[1]

In the following peace negotiations, urGoh revealed the existence of the Field of Fire, a hostile land which would have been ideal for the Makraks. Raunip offered to lead the Makraks there, conscious that the journey would have been fraught with danger, but desiring to redeem himself for his role in the Great Division.[1]

A thousand trine later, some Gelfling still held a grudge against the Makraks. One castle guard, upon hearing of the murder of Mira, compared the Skeksis' actions to those of "vicious Makraks".[2]

Behind the scenes Edit


A prototype "miner" puppet

The Makraks were based on the race of "miners" present in some of the draft screenplays of The Dark Crystal. In The Mithra Treatment, Jen encounters "five or six mine creatures" with "small eyes" who "form their words quite slowly". David Odell's first treatment mentions "mole-like mine dwellers", with a subsequent draft co-authored by Henson including a "chief of the miners". Although Brian Froud designed the creatures and Henson shot test footage of a prototype puppet in Bedford, New York in 1978, the creatures were later scrapped from the film entirely.[3]

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