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Thra's true balance will be found
when natural order is found.

Inscription above the entrance to Lore's chamber

Lore was a sentient construct made of rock created by skekGra and urGoh, designed as a guardian and guide.

Personality and traits[]

Made up of various stones, Lore is bipedal, possessing a long torso, stubby legs and long arms. At the top is a clam-like maw where the core device that allows it to function exists. At full height Lore stands as tall as a Skeksis and is incredibly strong enough to prevent a Skeksis carriage and its three Armaligs from moving. The construct is quite nimbly, capable of running at fairly fast speeds, and even reform itself to avoid obstacles while mobile. Lore upon activation imprints to the first being who manages to solve the puzzle beneath Ha'rar and considers it as is that person's protector and is incredibly loyal. His left arm is composed of a stone phonograph cylinder containing skekGra's message which Lore can play using a retractable needle on his right limb.


Ordon vs Lores

Before Lore was re-awakened, a group a lore-like creatures were constructed to guard the Dual Glaive, whilst it was kept in the Tomb of Relics. Ordon was forced to battle against them, in order to retrieve it.[1]

Lore came to life when Brea solved the puzzle beneath the Vapran throne room, playing pre-recorded messages that introduced itself and explained that Brea had to go to the Circle of the Suns to free the Gelfling from the Skeksis. It further explained that it was bonded to Brea, and would guide and protect her on her journey. Indeed, when several palace guards arrived with Seladon, Lore immediately went to attack them until Brea had Lore stand down.[2]

After departing for a time, Brea brought All-Maudra Mayrin to the chamber, who shook Lore's arm and dreamfasted with Brea before departing the chamber. Although Lore tried to follow, Brea insisted he stay, and Lore bowed his obeisance.[3]

Lore running

Lore rushes to Brea's aid

Hearing Brea's cries for help, Lore rose from his stasis and began looking for a way out of the chamber, before blasting his way out of it (destroying the Vapran throne and unseating Seladon in the process). Rushing through the Dark Wood at a prodigious speed, Lore quickly intercepted skekVar and skekZok's carriage while Rian had it halted and ripped the cage open, freeing Brea, Deet, Hup, and the Paladins. Lore then lead them all into the Crystal Desert, and traveled with Rek'yr to through the Crystal Desert to the Circle of the Suns.[4]

After reaching the base of the Circle, Lore noticed an approaching sandstorm and began to carry Brea up to rock face to safety, but Brea insisted he carry Deet, Hup, and Rian as well, which he complied with. At the summit, Brea and Lore hugged before skekGra deactivated Lore. When skekMal attacked, Brea tried to reactivate Lore, but skekMal kidnapped Brea and knocked the activation device aside, reducing Lore to simple rubble once more.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

There were so many concepts for Lore, at one point he had three legs, then he was a giant turtle

Ted Biaselli on lore's development

Concepts for Lore

According to Ted Biaselli, multiple meetings were held over just Lore's development. At one point it was believed that lore would be full CGI, then that he would be a puppet with three legs, then a turtle-like creature with a bulky shell. Eventually they decided on the Lore seen in the series.

His activation stone went through many designs, most decorated with a triskelion.



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