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This is a list of minor locations

This is a list of minor locations across thra. This list does not list any major locations, like Claw Mountains or Sog

Swamp of Sog[]


File:Screenshot 20191215-184650 YouTube.jpgSog is located in the center of the Great Swamp and is home to the majority of the Drenchen clan. It is a large grove of Apeknot trees, with the Glenfoot Tree located in the center.[1]

Stone's Way[]

File:Glenfoot.jpg Stone's Way is a long twisting tunnel located in the center of the Glenfoot Tree that led down to entrance of the tree. Not many Drenchenchoose this path as it is difficult to go down.[1]

Family Chamber[]

Noimage Family Chamber, also known as Maudra's Chamber is a chamber located at the heart of the glenfoot tree. This is where the Maudren of the Drenchan clan live.[1]

Spriton Plains[]

Great Spriton Forest[]

File:Screenshot 20191215-181330 Google.jpgThe Great Spriton Forest is located north-east of the spriton plains, and houses Nenadi-Staba.[1] This wood is home to many small spirton communities.[2]

Sami-Thicket Outskirts[]

File:Samithicketconcept .jpg The outskirts of Sami-thicket are one of the many Spirton villages, housing only a few dozen spriton gelfling. As mentioned by Mera in Shadows of the dark crystal[1], these villages usually meet at sami-thicket for events.


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