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Maudra Laesid the Blue Stone Healer[1], was the leader of the Drenchen Clan during the late Age of Division, and mother to Gurjin and Naia. Along with Maudra Fara, she did not approve of Seladon's ascension as All-Maudra.


After receiving a windsifter with a seventh of the Living Crown indicating the death of All-Maudra Mayrin, Maudra Laesid departed the Swamp of Sog to visit Ha'rar with the rest of the Maudras (sans Maudra Argot of the Grottan Clan) to attend Seladon's coronation. There, she joined Maudra Fara in refusing to acknowledge Seladon as All-Maudra, as she could not condone an All-Maudra who abides the Skeksis draining Gelfling.[2]

When Seladon accepted Fara's challenge to Trial by Air, Laesid advised Fara to be wary of Seladon's cleverness. When Seladon arrived, claiming her new black crown to be that of the true All-Maudra, Laesid accused Seladon of defiling Mayrin's legacy. Seladon rebuffed Laesid, insulting her "feckless rush to war". After a heated argument between Fara and Seladon resulted in the former taking to the air and subsequently being smashed to the ground, Laesid helped Fara to depart the Vapran capital.[2]

She subsequently joined her children, Gurjin and Naia, in the final moments of the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood.[3]


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