Kotha was a male Podling who lived in the last years of the Age of Harmony and the early years of the Age of Division. The son of village chieftain Hakmeena of Noy, Kotha was sent to join Raunip's expedition to the Castle of the Crystal, to witness the second Great Conjunction and gain valuable leadership experience. Kotha proved his value during the journey with his Animal Soul Speaking ability. After the Great Division, Kotha saved Kel and Gyr from the newly formed Skeksis by summoning a Landstrider herd, which took them to safety. Upon returning to Noy, Kotha found that it had been badly damaged by an earthquake which killed his mother. After returning Hakmeena's body to Thra, he inherited her role as village chief.[1]

Some time later, Noy's destruction was completed during the Makrak raids, and Kotha was left badly wounded. He was found by urGoh, who took him to the Valley of the urRu and nursed him back to health. When the Makraks reached the Valley, Kotha soul spoke with them and learned that they had been forced from their underground homes by the quake and that their aggressive actions were committed out of fear of the surface world. Kotha subsequently participated in the truce, during which the Makraks were lead to the Field of Fire by Raunip.[2]


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