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Jarra-Jen And The Horn Of Thunder

Jarra-Jen And The Horn Of Thunder was a Gelfling tale of the hero Jarra-Jen.[1]


While traveling on the road to Creghel's Keep, Jarra-Jen found a gigantic fish flopping about. The Gelfling out of pity, helped the creature back into the water. Thankful the fish offered the Gelfling a reward, but Jarra-Jen declined stating "A friend render aid as needed."

The fish learned that Jarra-Jen was headed to Creghel's Keep to challenge its cruel leader. To aid Jarra-Jen on his quest the fish gave him its scale, and told him to remember the power of water. Jarra-Jen continued on his way and spied a bird caught in a reed trap in a gigantic tree. The Gelfling scaled the tree and freed the bird. The bird asked Jarra-Jen his destination, which the Gelfling repeated his intentions and was given a crimson feather the size of his forearm. The bird told Jarra-Jen to keep it safe and to remember the power of air. Jarra-Jen then came across the moon caught between shining rocks and helped free it. In return the moon gave it a portion of umbra the size of a Gelfling and told him to keep it safe and to remember the power of darkness.

Jarra-Jen finally arrived at Creghel's Keep where he announced his intent to free the Gelfling slaves. Creghel, a feared tyrant who used the threat of the Horn of Thunder to keep his subjects in line at first challenged Jarra-Jen to a duel. Jarra-Jen instead offered a wager up, his blade and pack of tricks for the Gelfling's freedom and the Horn. All Creghel had to do was name a task Jarra-Jen could not accomplish. The tyrant agreed and named his task: move his throne across the chamber. The throne, a massive thing made of starfallen rock and was believed by many to be unmovable.

Despite the odds Jarra-Jen accepted the challenge, however found he could not move the throne with his strength. Not willing to accept defeat and seeing the downtrodden slaves Jarra-Jen resolved to continue. Remembering the lessons given to him by the ones he freed, he used the scale's edge and its power of erosion. He carved the throne into tiny blocks and using the moonshadow to envelop it he tucked the pieces inside the umbra pouch and with the feather he floated the bundle to the far side of the chamber.

As Creghel had not made it clear for the throne to remain intact, Jarra-Jen won the wager. The tyrant attempted to grab for his Horn but was swiftly defeated by the hero. Freeing the Gelfling slaves, Jarra-Jen used the Horn to bring down the fortress. The deed done, Jarra-Jen then hid the Horn to prevent its power from being abused.


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