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Jarra-Jen, with the Horn of Thunder.

Jarra-Jen was a folk hero of the Stonewood Clan, whose many adventures were told around village fires for centuries. His birth was said to have been heralded by lightning, and he was noted for his fearlessness, curiosity and charm.[1] It was said that he would return to Stone-in-the-Wood after every adventure to tell his stories, the most exciting of which were inscribed atop Bolentor.[2]


Jarra-Jen and the Horn Of Thunder[]

One of his most famous exploits involved taking the Horn of Thunder from the tyrant Creghel, who kept his people as slaves. When Jarra-Jen embarked on his quest, he encountered a stranded fish, which he helped back in the water. In gratitude, the fish gave him one of its scales, which had the power to manipulate water. Next, he encountered a bird caught in a trap. Upon being freed, the bird gave him one of its feathers, which could manipulate air. Finally, Jarra-Jen found the moon, caught between two rocks. When released, the moon gave Jarra-Jen a piece of its own shadow. When Jarra-Jen arrived at Creghel's Keep, the tyrant agreed to free his people and surrender the Horn, on condition that he first manage to lift his throne.[1]

Upon failing to lift it by his strength alone, Jarra-Jen carved the throne into pieces, using the fish scale's power of erosion. Next, he used the feather to lift the pieces, and enveloped them in the moon's shadow. Outraged, Creghel refused to honour his bargain, and was killed in the subsequent struggle. Jarra-Jen used the Horn to destroy Creghel's fortress, then hid it away, so that no one would misuse its power.[1]

Jarra-Jen and the Fizzgig King[]

A humorous tale commonly told to Stonewood children, it narrated how while returning home after travelling the world, Jarra-Jen accidentally stepped on the tail of the sleeping Fizzgig King, who promptly swallowed him and refused his entreaties to be released. Jarra-Jen then tickled the Fizzgig's throat, causing it to expel him through its flatulence.[2]

Other stories[]

At least two stories credited Jarra-Jen with planting all seven of the Great Trees.[3]


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