We don't go in here anymore. Bad things happened in here once.


Kira sitting on the throne within the main hall

The Houses of the Old Ones were what the Podlings called a ruin of Gelfling origin close to Kira's village. Its original inhabitants had been killed during the Garthim War, and the Podlings believed it to be haunted by spirits.[2]

The presence of dead wood and shriveled fronds on the floor indicated that its roof had once been thatched, and its floors were tiled. Its main hall contained a throne of elliptical design made from what could have been the shell of a giant mollusk, inlaid with bright metal and gems. Faded and tattered fabric which may have once been tapestries hung on the walls. At the farthest end of the main hall was an archway with an iron-studded wooden door leading to the chamber containing the Wall of Destiny.[2]

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