Hakmeena was a female Podling who lead the village of Noy during the later trine of the Age of Harmony. She knew Aughra as a child, and established Noy at the foot of Aughra's High Hill. Shortly before the second Great Conjunction, she offered Raunip, Kel and Gyr hospitality in her village before they went to the Castle of the Crystal to witness the departure of the urSkeks. The next day, she asked the trio to take her son Kotha with them in order to prepare him for his future role as leader of Noy.[1]

When the Great Division occurred, the seismic shift caused by the loss of the Shard of the Division resulted in an earthquake which badly damaged Noy and killed Hakmeena. Her body was tended to by her son, who inherited her mantle as village chief.[1]


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