Ha'rar was a village located in northern Thra facing the Silver Sea.[1] During the Age of Division, it acted as the Gelfling capital and was home to the All-Maudra, the matriarch of the Vapra Clan and leader of all Gelfling.[2] Among its buildings were the Citadel and the Vapran library.

During the Age of Power, the Gelfling capital was transferred to the Castle of the Crystal.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gavin Bocquet designed Ha'rar as a grand city with "sculpted, elegant architecture".[4] According to art director Phil Harvey, the city was loosely based on Machu Picchu.[5] The houses were designed on a computer and 3D printed in miniature to be used as references for the art team, who sculpted them from polystyrene at puppet scale.[4]

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