Ha'rar was a village located in northern Skarith facing the Silver Sea.[1] During the Age of Division, it acted as the Gelfling capital and was home to the All-Maudra, the matriarch of the Vapra Clan and leader of all Gelfling.[2] Among its buildings were the Citadel and the Vapran library. Its proximity to the Silver Sea made it an important port city, exporting foodstuffs like Nebrie eggs and Sourloaf to the Sifa Clan.[3]

During the Age of Power, the Gelfling capital was transferred to the Castle of the Crystal.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gavin Bocquet designed Ha'rar as a grand city with "sculpted, elegant architecture".[5] According to art director Phil Harvey, the city was loosely based on Machu Picchu.[6] The houses were designed on a computer and 3D printed in miniature to be used as references for the art team, who sculpted them from polystyrene at puppet scale.[5]

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