Gyr was a male Gelfling song-teller who was born during the later trine of the Age of Harmony. Although he was one of the most skilled musicians of his time, he yearned to find the source of a mysterious song he had dreamed of throughout his life. Gyr sailed Thra's oceans in search of the song's source, and found that it originated from an urSkek calling to its own kind. Gyr was so moved by the song that he vowed never to play music again.[1]

Gyr began a new life as a sailor, but was invited by Raunip and Lady Kel to join them in their journey to the Bah-Lem Valley, hoping that he would record the departure of the urSkeks from Thra through song. Although Gyr refused to break his vow, he joined them nonetheless, and formed a bond with Kel. Upon arriving at the Castle, Gyr entered the Hall of Reflection, where he encountered an urSkek who, upon discovering that Gyr knew an urSkek song, begged him to play it. Once the urSkek recognised the song, and revealed itself to be the same one Gyr had encountered at sea, it became nostalgic for its homeworld, and pleaded Gyr to stop. The next day, Gyr and Kel watched as the urSkeks gathered around the Crystal, awaiting the third Great Conjunction that would transport them home. However, the embittered urSkek's rage prevented the rest from leaving Thra, and instead caused The Great Division. Gyr and Kel escaped the Castle in the ensuing confrontation with the newly born Skeksis.[2]

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In J.M. Lee's Song of the Dark Crystal, it is revealed that Gyr was a member of the Sifa Clan and that he wrote a journal of his travels, which he entrusted to Aughra. The journal was picked up by Kylan and Naia, and discovered that Gyr had dream-etched his songs in the caves of Grot through his bell-bird bone firca. The pair journeyed there in the hopes of obtaining the firca and using it to dream-etch a message to all Gelflings warning them of the Skeksis' true nature.

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