Gruenaks were a race of Thra with a reputation for being "mechanically-minded and surpisingly strong" as stated by skekSil the Chamblerlain.

History Edit

The Gruenaks were almost completely exterminated by the Skeksis, though two survivors were later captured by Sifan mariners and sold to skekSil, who handed them to skekTek so that they could assist him in repairing the draining chair. To ensure their silence, skekSil had their mouths sewn shut.[1]

Within a few days, the Gruenaks had fully mechanized the essence-draining process, and secretly struck a bargain with skekSil, replacing skekVar's essence vial with diluted Swothel milk in exchange for their freedom.[2] SkekSil however delayed granting them their promised liberty, and they impatiently cut the stitches on their mouths.[3]

Following their attempt to escape, they were discovered by skekTek, who was enraged by their defiance and attacked them. He killed both of them by throwing one down the Castle shaft and bludgeoning the other to death. Gruenak physiology was later combined to that of the Arathim Silk Spitter to create the first Garthim.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Like the Makraks from The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths graphic novels, the Gruenaks were based on the race of "miners" from Jim Henson's 1978 screenplay of The Dark Crystal. Toby Froud used his father's original pencil sketches as a basis for the Gruenak design, but made them more "sloth-like" by emphasizing the length of their arms.[4]


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