Far from the brothers' blinding light
Beneath the blanket of the long night
Grottans work in the dark and deep
Where the glow moss grows
And where crawlies creep
So lay down, my childling, and sleep
No need to fear
And no need to weep

Grottan lullaby[1] [2]

The Grottan Clan was a Gelfling clan which dwelled underground in the Caves of Grot, which were gifted to them by the Skeksis after evicting the Arathim.[4] Centuries of living in the caves gave the Grottans exceptional eyesight, though this made them sensitive to sunlight.[5][6][7] In the Skeksis' artificially imposed hierarchy of clans, the Grottans were considered the lowest,[2] and they rarely ventured to the surface world, a trait which lead many non-Grottan Gelflings to believe the Grottans had gone extinct.[8] They were primarily a pastoral people who tended Nurloc herds[1] and were generally not overly concerned with personal hygiene.[9]

Grottan clan

The Grottan Clan during the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood

After the collapse of the Alliance of the Crystal, the Grottans were enslaved by the Arathim, who had allied themselves with the Skeksis in the hope of reclaiming their ancestral home. When it was revealed that the Skeksis intended the Arathim to die alongside the Grottans in the caves, now infested with the Darkening, the two factions made peace, assuring one another that they would share the caves in future.[4] Both Grottans and Arathim would later join the Gelfling resistance during the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood.[10]

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In J.M. Lee's Song of the Dark Crystal, it is revealed that the Grottans and Vapra were once a single clan entrusted by Thra to preserve Gelfling law and history. Being a task too daunting for just one clan to manage, the Silver Sea clan split into Vapra and Grottan, with the latter being tasked with guarding the race's secrets and relics.


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