Grot is a location in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It is a mountainous area. It is home to the Grottan Clan.

Locations within Grot Edit

  • The Mountains of Grot
  • The Caves of Grot are a huge network of caves and tunnels that tangle within the dark stone.
  • The Sanctuary Tree, Vliste-Staba, is located in the Mountains of Grot. It is a wise old tree with pink petals. When the wind is right, the petals from this tree can fly to almost anywhere in the Skarith Region.
  • The Sanctuary is where the Gelflings go to meditate, listen to the song of Thra, and engage in peaceful activities. The Sanctuary is also said to be the original nesting grounds of the extinct Bell Bird.
  • The Tomb of Relics is a library of ancient chambers interconnected by book-lined tunnels.
  • Domrak is a village cavern deep in the mountains and home to the Grottan clan.

Appearance Edit

Grot is full of mountains. The land here is overgrown with petrified giant mushrooms. Every tunnel wall is covered in dream-etching and illustrations of the many Gelfling myths and lore. Glowing moss grows in many of the cracks and etchings, and the shadows are teaming with crawlies.

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