The Gelfling ruins, referred to by Kira as "the houses of the old ones", are the past home of Gelflings which were abandoned during the time of the Garthim raids. The ruins contain more than just one building with a central courtyard. It is in these ruins that Jen first reads the prophecy and with Kira's help, begins to understand his place therein.

Overgrown with bushes and grasses, the buildings and structures are all of Gelfling proportion and workmanship. The passageways are all made at right angles, with doorways opening onto small rooms that no longer feature any trace of the original furnishings. Windows were plentiful in the structures. The roofs of the buildings were once thatched with some kind of vegetable matter which now litters the terra-cotta tiled floors of the homes.

An open archway leads into a much larger room. On the walls are scraps of fabric, faded and tattered evidence of some richer hangings, tapestries possibly. In the middle of a long wall stands a throne of elliptical design. This room houses the Wall of Destiny explaining the Gelfling prophecy.

The Podlings of the nearby village are deeply superstitious about this place and believe it haunted by spirits. Landstriders are known to inhabit the outskirts of the ruins.


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Based on the Map for Age of Resistance, The Ruins were likely a settlement of the Stonewood clan.

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