Gelfling, the Skeksis deceived us, turned clan against clan, murdered our All-Maudra, drained our loved ones, unleashed the Darkening upon our world, and now everyone and everything is at risk. What was once unthinkable has become inevitable: rebellion.

By Gelfling Hand…

The main ringleaders of the resistance: Naia, Deet, Rian, Brea, Gurjin and Kylan

The Gelfling Resistance was an alliance of all seven Gelfling Clans and, later, the Arathim ascendancy, formed during the Age of Division to oppose the Skeksis Empire after discovering that the Skeksis were draining Gelfling for their essence. The success of the resistance prompted the creation of the Garthim and preceded the Garthim War.

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