Ceremony of Healing

A Ceremony of Healing in the Castle of the Crystal 100 trine into the Age of Power

The Gelfling Nation was established by Jen and Kira during the Age of Power, after repopulating Thra with the once near extinct Gelfling race. Its capital was the Castle of the Crystal, once the seat of power of the Skeksis Empire.[1] In contrast to the previous form of Gelfling government seen during the Age of Division, which consisted of a loosely-knit aristocratic matriarchy, the Gelfling Nation was more egalitarian and centralized, with both males and females being eligible as rulers.

A century into its formation, the Nation became corrupt due to the influence of preserved Skeksis relics, with administration being largely appropriated by a priestly caste lead by the Crystalline Eminence, who commercialized the worship of the Crystal and decreed that visitations to it be conditional on material offerings.[2] This lead to the impoverishment of numerous peripheral Gelfling and Podling settlements, as well as the rise of crime lords like Trunk, who took advantage of the capital's apathy by taking over neglected cities.[3] Under the leadership of Kensho, offerings to the Crystal were suspended and the Castle's accumulated riches were redistributed to the needy.


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