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A Garthim seizing a Gelfling

The Garthim War was a conflict between the Skeksis and the Gelflings during the Age of Division which began after the defeat of the Skeksis by the Gelfling resistance during the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood.


Sire, imagine an army of unstoppable soldiers, engineered to be loyal.

The first Garthim skekTek created was from combining various Arathim Silk Spitter corpses on orders from Emperor skekSo to create an army for the Skeksis to use against the rebellious Gelfling. SkekTek only managed to complete his mission after using the lifeless body of a Gruenak slave he had killed to complete the artificial creature.[2]
Jen Village Destroyed

Jen's village is destroyed during the Garthim War.

The resulting Garthim soldiers proved to be a great success and were eventually used in tandem with the Crystal Bats, whose spy crystals identified Gelfling hiding places for the Garthim to converge on.[3] Ultimately, the war resulted in the near-extermination of the Gelflings.

Other depictionsEdit

Mounder vs Garthim

The Battle of Namopo Valley, as depicted in Legends of the Dark Crystal

In the continuity established by Legends of the Dark Crystal, the war began much earlier than in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, approximately 800 trine after the Great Division. The war in Legends resulted in the complete collapse of Gelfling civilization, causing the survivors to become nomadic. The Garthim forces were lead primarily by skekLach, and the opposing Gelflings by the shepherd Larh, who discovered that the Garthim were vulnerable to stabbing weapons made from objects originally intended for peaceful use.[4]

The Gelflings won several victories which culminated in a siege of the Castle of the Crystal resulting in the destruction of all Garthim soldiers and the liberation of Gelfling prisoners.[5]


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