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Skeksis banquet hall

The Skeksis banquet hall shows typical Garthic features, such as the "emerging skeleton" pattern on the chandelier and seats, heavy drapes, and symbolic decorations on the floor

Garthic was a style of art, architecture and clothing used by the Skeksis. First devised by skekEkt the Ornamentalist,[1] it was characterized by repetitive flamboyance, skeletal imagery,[2] and obsessive usage of symbols denoting aggression and longevity.[3][4]



Skeksis-inspired outfit

Seladon's Garthic-inspired outfit

Prior to the consolidation of the Alliance of the Crystal, the Skeksis limited their attire to capes, collars and metal headpieces, with much of their bodies left exposed.[5] Their clothing became more elaborate throughout the Age of Division as their wealth grew, adopting layers of robes which concealed their emaciated bodies.[3] One constant feature of Skeksis clothing was the presence of carapaces on the back, designed to reflect the geometric shape of the Fountain of Destruction.[5] The materials used, however, were not durable, and disintegrated with time, forcing the Skeksis to constantly substitute layers as they wore down.[3]


The "emerging skeleton" style of wall carving was a common feature both outside and inside the Castle of the Crystal during the Skeksis' misrule.[4] The interior of the Castle was characterized by repetitive use of emblems of power, such as sigils and banners, as well as wall paintings consisting of such shapes as pentacles, tetraktys, hexagrams, pyramids, tetrahedrons, double spirals, swastikas and, most obsessively, triangles containing concentric rings symbolizing the Great Conjunction.[3] The Skeksis aggression symbol, modeled on the abiranariba serpent, was incorporated with varying degrees of elaboration on Skeksis regalia, from skekSo's Scepter of Office to skekZok's headgear.[4]


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