Fizzgigs were small mammalian creatures native to the Endless Forest. They superficially resembled small balls of fur with enormous jaws lined by double rows of teeth.[1] Most specimens were buff colored, though melanists sometimes occurred.[2] They communicated primarily through a series of yaps, and would roar when threatened.[1] They also possessed tear ducts, and would weep when saddened.[3]

In cluttered or heavily wooded environments, their primary mode of locomotion was a series of hops, while on flat terrain they would roll their bodies.[4] Darkened Fizzgigs were observed to latch onto each other to form a colossal ball of fur and teeth.[5]

Fizzgigs had been domesticated by both the Podlings[6] and Gelfling of the Stonewood Clan. In contrast to their wild counterparts, tamed Fizzgigs displayed a degree of choosiness over their handlers, though once bonded, they were loyal and protective companions.[7] The Podlings' primary use for Fizzgigs was to act as guards of their plant tendrils,[6] while the Stonewood Gelfling held them in high regard as their sigil animals. To be described as "ferocious as a Fizzgig" was considered a compliment, though it also held the ironic implication that the recipient's bark was worse than their bite.[8]

During the late Age of Division, the Darkening infected a large number of Fizzgigs, which began a series of attacks on rural settlements in the Sami Thicket, only to be stopped thanks to the intervention of Hup and Barfinnious.[5]

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