Fizzgig, a "friendly monster", is the loyal sidekick and dog-like animal companion of Kira.

Personality and traits Edit

Like most Fizzgigs, he has a mouth lined with rows of sharp teeth, and an intimidating growl. Fizzgig is very loyal to Kira, and is very distrusting of strangers.

Biography Edit

A friend to Kira since a young age, Fizzgig at one point saved Kira's adopted mother when she fell ill acquiring a Sogflower to heal her. He joins Jen and Kira on their journey into The Castle of the Crystal and proves to be a great ally to bring natural order back to Thra, personally halting skekUng from taking the Shard of the Division, ad was flung into the Shaft of the Castle. He managed to cling to the chains in the Shaft for dear life and would have nearly died, had it not been for Aughra who gave him a means to escape. Later he and the sage witnessed the unity of the urRu and Skeksis as the urSkeks and tehir departure. Fizzgig, like his friends Kira and Jen, under the influence of the Crystal of Truth, managed to live for a hundred trine. After the Second Great Division and the restoration of the Crystal by Thurma, Fizzgig departed Thra alongside his friends and the urSkeks.


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