Ordon during the First Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood

Ordon wielding the Dual Glaive during the battle

The First Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood was an armed confrontation during the Arathim Wars that took place 30 trine prior to the formation of the Gelfling resistance.[1]

The battle initiated while Ordon and Fara were searching for the Dual Glaive, and began with a crushing defeat of the Stonewood Clan, as the Arathim forces were lead by an Ascendancy of Silk Spitters, impervious to conventional blades. The majority of villagers were evacuated while Maudra Vala lead the counterattack. She was mortally wounded in the ensuing melee, but the tide turned when Ordon returned with the Glaive, which he used to slay the Ascendancy single-handed. After the victory, Ordon split the Glaive in half, hiding one piece in the Crucible and entrusting the other to Argot.[1]


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