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Firca owned by Jen

A firca is a traditional Y-shaped Gelfling instrument, depicted throughout various Ages. It was the choice instrument of Gyr the Song Teller, Kylan the Song Teller, and Jen.

Appearances in the movieEdit

Jen has a small wooden firca with a rich, natural sound that most closely resembles the double ocarina in the video featured here.

Jen uses his firca four times in the movie—once at the beginning (which is the song played in this video), once to determine which shard was the true shard, once accompanying Kira's singing on the boat, and once at the Podlings' party. He actually played it a fifth time at UrSu's funeral, but this scene was deleted from the final cut.

Other appearances Edit

In J.M. Lee's young adult novel Song of the Dark Crystal, Kylan crafted a firca from the bones of the legendary bell-bird, a bird whose song was known to move mountains. Kylan’s firca appeared to have magical properties on multiple occasions, including the ability to cause crystals to glow and resonate, and the firca that he wears in Age of Resistance resembles the one that Jen wears and plays in The Dark Crystal.


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