Maudra Ethri was leader of the Sifa Clan during the late Age of Division.

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Ethri responded to the windsifter that arrived with one seventh of the Living Crown, journeying to Ha'rar to attend to Seladon's coronation ceremony, blessing Seladon's reign and returning her piece. When Maudra Fara refused to acknowledge Seladon as All-Maudra, denying her the support of the Stonewood Clan, Ethri burst out in shock. She tried to dissuade Fara from challenging Seladon for the crown, and Seethi supported her effort, but Fara was undaunted. Fara insisted that she could lead them to victory due to their numerical advantage over the Skeksis, but Ethri believed the Skeksis to be immortal, asking how they could possibly defeat an enemy that could not die. Ethri stood witness as contest was abandoned and Seladon attacked Fara, sending her and Laesid limping from the throne room. Seladon then questioned whether Ethri would be loyal, and eventually she bowed.[2]

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In J.M. Lee's young adult novel Tides of the Dark Crystal, Ethri was depicted as a younger Gelfling who is new to the role of Maudra. She was the captain of the Sifa mothership, Omerya, which was also the Sifa’s Great Tree, a vessel composed of mobile, sentient coral reef.

After hearing of the Skeksis betrayal, Ethri’s first reaction was to leave the Skarith land and take the Sifa to a place where the Skeksis couldn’t reach them. However, she was swayed by Onica’s entreaty to stay and join the rest of the Gelfling clans. Thus, the Sifa were the first clan to join the Gelfling resistance.

In the timeline established in the young adult novels, Ethri is described as having black and crimson hair and a false eye made of emerald, matching her epithet, Gem-Eyed Ethri. She was childhood friends with Onica and Tae.

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