The Ember Queens were the matriarchs of Fireling society. Only three Ember Queens ruled at a time, each representing the different shades of a flame and each moment in time.[1] Typically, only the offspring of a previous Ember Queen could inherit the office, though individuals with ties to ancient figures of importance, such as Nita, were also eligible for the throne.[2] They were typically addressed as "my Ember",[1] and had a council of elders.[3] Each crown worn by the Ember Queens was fashioned from the flames of their deceased predecessors.[1]

After the Great Dim's aversion, Thurma was chosen to be crowned an Ember Queen until Nita's interruption. The two decided to fight for the throne, by learning Fire Angling and rebuilding the Glass Castle. However, the two teamed up against their corrupted teacher, Fire That Stays, and later co-ruled as three Ember Queens once more alongside Fiola, another daughter of an Ember Queen and Thurma's friend.

Known Ember Queens Edit


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