The Drenchen Clan was a Gelfling clan. They resided in the Swamp of Sog and were fierce warriors who mostly reside in the Great Smerth, a village named after the enormous and ancient tree in its center, Smerth-Staba. As they lived in the swamp, the Drenchen are the only Gelflings with gills and could breathe underwater. Drenchen women have wings that double as fins for swimming, but they are better suited for gliding than flying. Gurjin and his twin sister Naia were members of the Drenchen clan.

Drenchen clan

The Drenchen Clan during the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood

Drenchen, being more physically imposing than other Gelfling, were powerful in combat and took pride in it. Additionally, they lived in such a remote location that Skeksis often did not even keep track of them in their census.[1]

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