Dreamfasting is a Gelflings way of sharing memories. In a dreamfast, memories are communicated to each other in a sort of stream of consciousness, a telepathic memory montage. SkekSil was known to have discovered a method of undermining this ability.[1]

In The Dark Crystal, when Kira grabs Jen's hand to help him up, the two accidentally become dreamfasted and quickly learn of the other's pasts.

In Legends of the Dark Crystal: Volume 1: The Garthim Wars, Neffi dreamfasts with Larh to show him the horrors of the Garthim attacks on her village.

In The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, it is shown that particularly powerful or ominous dreamfasting can produce a graven image called a dream etching.

Firefasting Edit

Firefasting works almost the same as Dreamfasting, but is instead done by Firelings. A Gelfling and a Fireling can firefast/dreamfast together, but the Fireling's hand will most likely burn the Gelfling in the process.

Firelings can also firefast with flames from other sources, such as candles.

In Power of the Dark Crystal, Thurma and Kensho accidentally firefast/dreamfast together, and Thurma firefasts with candles several times to learn the history of the Skeksis.

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