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Dreamfasting is a way of sharing memories through physical contact, common among Gelfling. In a dreamfast, memories are communicated to others in a sort of stream of consciousness telepathic memory montage.

In The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, attempting to undermine the inherent truth of dreamfasting abilities, SkekSil proclaims Rian has a "mind sickness" and instructs Gelfling to refuse to dreamfast with him, lest they risk contamination from the sickness.[1][2] Later, a particularly powerful dreamfast produces a symbolic dreametching.[3]

In Shadows of the Dark Crystal by J.M. Lee, other creatures of Thra are able to dreamfast with Naia.


Gelfling were initially taught dreamfasting by Aughra in the Age of Innocence.

During the Age of Division, castle guards Mira and Rian dreamfasted to contemplate on their romantic past; however, an Arathim interrupts their time. The Grottan Clan member Deet also dreamfasts with her clan's Sanctuary Tree to learn of the Darkening. After Rian becomes a renegade to the Alliance of the Crystal, his father and captain of the guard Ordon suggests dreamfasting with him to clear up the truth; SkekSil, however, quickly convinces him that he is infected and cannot be dreamfasted with safely. Drenchen castle guard Gurjin believes this too, but Rian is able to soothe his fears and show him the truth. Much later, Tavra, Naia, Kylan, and Ordon meet up with Rian and Gurjin. They end up Dreamfasting together, creating a dream etching on the table they were sitting at.

Multiple dreamfasting attempts at once could allow the Gelfling access to the Dream Space. This happens with Deet, Rian, Naia, Kylan, Gurjin, Brea, Seladon, and Mayrin.

Deet dreamfasts one last time with her Sanctuary Tree to gain it's power, and sees a vision of the future; Somebody resembling Rian jutting a Shard into the Crystal, what looks to be Brea and a childling running from a Garthim, and Deet herself sitting on the Skeksis throne, face covered in purple veins as she is completely corrupted by the Darkening.

During the Garthim War, Neffi dreamfasts with Larh to show him the horrors of the Garthim attacks on her village.[4]

During Jen's quest, Kira grabbed Jen's hand to help him up, the two accidentally dreamfast and quickly learn of the other's pasts.[5]

Types of Dreamfasting[]



Firefasting works almost the same as Dreamfasting, but is instead done by Firelings. A Gelfling and a Fireling can firefast/dreamfast together, but the Fireling's hand will most likely burn the Gelfling in the process.

Firelings can also firefast with flames from other sources, such as candles.

In Power of the Dark Crystal, Thurma and Kensho accidentally firefast/dreamfast together, and Thurma firefasts with candles several times to learn the history of the Skeksis.


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