To the great All, may the dead become one with Thra again. May we feel their tears in rain and their warmth in the suns. Though they are gone, they remain with us still.

Dousan prayer, as recited by Rek'yr[1]

The Dousan Clan ("doo-SAHN")[2] was a Gelfling clan that lived in the Crystal Desert. Its members rarely ventured outside their homeland and navigated the dangerous shifting sands of the desert by riding on large ray-like creatures called Crystal Skimmers. They gathered at the Wellspring, a verdant oasis found deep in the Crystal Desert. Dousan shamans held ancient rituals involving music, and were known across Thra for their close affinity with the circle of life and death. Because of this affinity the Skeksis did not allow Dousan Gelfling to join the Castle Guard, claiming that the Dousan worshipped death.[1] Dousan shamans were known to consume urdrupes in order to speak with Thra and glimpse into the future.[3] Some Dousan were intensely xenophobic, to the point of considering mixed-clan relationships to be a capital offence.[4]

Dousan clan

The Dousan Clan during the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood

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