Is there no place in all the realms of the Crystal where a single being will show me compassion!? Is there truly no love for me in all creation!?

Dark Heart[1]

Dark Heart was a name given by Raunip to an urSkek musician[2] who spent many trine fruitlessly trying to contact his homeworld through song. [1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

One of the urSkeks to have been exiled to Thra, he was discovered by the song-teller Gyr, who had heard his mournful communication over the ocean, and wanted to discover its source. Gyr was so moved by the urSkek's song that he vowed never to sing again.[1]

Gyr and Dark Heart met again in the Hall of Reflection, shortly before the second Great Conjunction, though at first Gyr did not recognise him. Upon discovering that Gyr was a song-teller, and that he knew an urSkek song, Dark Heart pleaded Gyr to break his vow and play it. However, upon recognising the song as his own, Dark Heart became wracked with nostalgia, and gave into his darker nature. The next day, when the time came for the urSkeks to gather around the Crystal and return home, Raunip taunted Dark Heart, telling him that he was the only true individual among the collectivist urSkeks. Dark Heart became increasingly disheartened, and when the Great Conjunction arrived, he lost hope when he felt nothing. The darkness within him prevented the other urSkeks from leaving, and ultimately resulted in The Great Division and the creation of the Skeksis and the urRu.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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