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Jen prepares to heal the Crystal.

The Crystal of Truth was one of many Great crystals scattered throughout the Uni-Verse,[1] and was the beating heart of Thra itself.[2] It linked all the plants and animals of Thra together, with its health impacting their well-being.[3]


The Crystal

The Crystal of Truth was quartz-like in shape and was rhomboidal at its top and base, with a threefold symmetry, and was suspended in midair by its own gravity.[4] J. J. Llewellyn hypothesized, in the absence of physical samples, that it was made of a high quartz, and deduced that it possessed an asymmetrical molecular structure. This would have granted the Crystal the ability to selectively absorb polarized light and thus excite Thra's rarer elements.[5] SkekTek's own research showed that the Crystal's molecular structure had a spiral linkage which enabled it to rotate the plane of polarization of a beam of polarized light.[6]

Essentially a sentient entity, the Crystal communicated verbally on rare occasions by projecting and speaking through images of individuals it had previously been in contact with.[7]

The Crystal nourished itself through the light of the Three Brothers.[8] When one or more of the Brothers hung directly overhead, the polarized power emanating from them would untwist the Crystal's spiral linkage and produce a focused and intensely concentrated beam.[6] Direct exposure to such a beam had healing properties.[9] Surplus energy from the beam would be distributed throughout Thra via a network of crystal veins[10] and be converted into essence, which gave life to the planet's inhabitants, and would be reclaimed upon their death to start the cycle anew and keep the world in balance.[7]

Damaging the Crystal would prevent its spiral linkage from untwisting, causing it to develop a wine-dark color and entrap purely malevolent energies,[6] which would manifest throughout Thra in the form of the Darkening.[8] Preventing it from sustaining itself with the light of the Three Brothers would, furthermore, cause the Crystal to extract energy from the essence of living creatures in its vicinity.[8]

The Crystal was linked to all lesser crystals on Thra, a fact which prompted Gelfling of the Grottan Clan to commune with it by touching the crystal veins in Grot[10] and the Skeksis to incorporate spy crystals on their Crystal Bats, which would transmit images of whatever the Bats saw back to the Crystal.[11] It was also linked to other Great crystals throughout the Uni-Verse, being capable of opening portals to their worlds when hit by the combined beams of a Great Conjunction.[2]




The Crystal of Truth, after the urSkeks demolished the mountain surrounding it and before they raised their castle.

The Crystal of Truth originated during the formation of Thra, and acted as the planet's "beating heart." Its energy reverberated throughout Thra, and it maintained a link to all living things inhabiting it. Some time later, sensing the sorrow of the rocks and trees over not having the ability to speak or see, the Crystal created Aughra to act as their voice and eyes.[2]

Arrival and stewardship of the Fallen urSkeks[]

Nine hundred and ninety-nine and one trine after the formation of Thra, the Crystal was hit by the rays of the first Great Conjunction, which allowed the Fallen urSkeks to enter Thra. Promising "peerless gifts" to Thra's inhabitants, the urSkeks demolished the mountain encasing the Crystal, and formed a vast crystal fortress modelled on their home world around it. Although the majority of Thra's inhabitants appreciated the cultural and technological innovations brought by the urSkeks, they were resented by Aughra's son Raunip, who saw the urSkeks' taking residence in the Castle as an act of appropriation. Inciting a mob of Gelflings to attack the Castle, Raunip confronted the urSkeks, demanding that they relenquish the Crystal. The urSkeks replied that it belonged to all of Thra, and was not theirs to give. Further escalation was prevented by Aughra's intervention.[2]

The Great Division[]


An Skeksis cracks the Great Crystal.

The Fallen urSkeks, with Aughra's assistance, planned to use the light of the Crystal to purify themselves of their darker natures and return home during the second Great Conjunction. The urSkeks created a network of mirrors around the Crystal, which would focus the rays of the Three Suns shining down on the Crystal onto each of them, thus burning away the evil in their souls. However, when the Great Conjunction began, an urSkek gave into its darker nature, resulting in The Great Division of the urSkeks into the cruel Skeksis and the gentle urRu. In the ensuing confusion, a Skeksis attacked the Crystal and chipped off a shard.[12] The resulting sound was said to have rendered the Skeksis tone deaf, and was thought to still be audible within the Castle centuries later.[13] The impact also caused an earthquake, which spread beyond the Bah-Lem Valley and struck the Podling village of Noy, killing clan mother Hakmeena.[12]

Stewardship of the Skeksis[]

The Skeksis took control of the Castle, proclaiming themselves "lords" of the Crystal.[14] They initially tried to create a Crystal of their own, but only succeeded in building useless black rocks, which they reused for their Trial by Stone tournaments. Although initially benevolent in their rule, the Skeksis became increasingly violent as they became aware of their own mortality. They initiated The Ceremony of the Sun, which made use of sun rays from lesser Conjunctions hitting the Crystal in order to prolong their lives, and further used the Crystal's beams shining down the shaft of the Castle to drain the essence of Podling and Gelfling slaves.[15]



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