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Crystal Bats, also known as xahgniathanor in Aughrian,[1] were semi-organic lifeforms combining mammalian and mineral traits.[2] They were created by the Skeksis during the Garthim War and carried spy crystals in their talons, which would send images of whatever they saw back to the Castle of the Crystal.[3]

Crystal Bats worked in conjunction with the Garthim, tracking down Gelfling and alerting the former to their location. The original stock consisted of largely nocturnal specimens, but selective breeding produced bolder strains which left no corner of Thra unknown to the Skeksis.[1] The Skeksis bred them in such numbers that a swarm of them could blot out the Three Suns, and many established feral colonies where they lived away from Skeksis supervision and adopted behavioural traits similar to those of Hollerbats.[2]

During the Age of Power, with the Skeksis gone, control of the Bats was taken by the Crystalline Eminence, who discovered a way to modify the images transmitted by them, showing Jen and Kira an illusion of Thra being prosperous under his corrupt leadership.[4]



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