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The Covenants of Thra

The Covenants of Thra was a poem written by Fellen the Elder that described the role Aughra played in the endless battle between flora and fauna. creating an accord that would be renewed every nine trine.[1]


In the days before voice, before song, before story

In the oldness of time, at the newness of Thra

Endless battle between flora and fauna

Ceaseless warring, without victor or cause

Just the mewling, the gnashing, the pain and the scarring

The cruel opposition of sky versus ground

Attack and repulsion, offense and evasion

To no cycle, no order, no victory, no gain

The out from the mood, from the moss, from the moisture

Arose a new creature, a new kind of life

It was Aughra aborning, the earthmother rising

The goddess grotesque, and the watcher of skies

She called to the stars in a voice newly rasp

She cried to the suns in a grimace of calm

She extracted a promise to carve the world lengthwise

Formed the patterns that govern the cov'nant of Thra

As she brokered agreement, accord, co'operation

It was written, unwritten, then written again

In the end was a contract, signed and accepted

An agreement that rose from the carving of realms

To the thrice circling suns came a circlet of sky

To the darkseeing stars went the void all around them

To the waters went shallow and the tine ruffled waves

To the land came its ridges, its rises its depths

Twice-triangled circle, with arcs, points, and bars

Scribed the balance yet yielding, Conjunction predicted

Thus came peace to the kingdoms of sea, land and star


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