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The "Chamber of Life" is a misnomer, because it is a room of death, pain and suffering. SkekTek the Scientist performs his harrowing experiments here on dozens of animals, Podlings, and, in the past, Gelflings. Here is also where he straps his victims into chairs and forces them to stare into a purplish-pink beam of light that is reflected from the Crystal. There is a side opening in the shaft of the Crystal, above which the Dark Crystal hangs. After a number of times lowering the crystal with chains and mechanical graspers, a mirror was added to catch the light and reflect it into the face of its victims. The victim's vital essence is then drained from their bodies, turning them into pale, dessicated zombies, only good as slaves. The emperor then consumes the essence as a "Fountain of Youth" potion. The essence of Podlings has a limited effect, but the essence of Gelflings is much longer-lasting.

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