Remember your oath. We protect the lords. The lords protect the Crystal. When one of us fails in our duty, we all fail!

Castle Guards

Castle Guards inspected by Captain Ordon

The Castle Guard was a corp of Gelfling warriors that oversaw the security of the Castle of the Crystal during the Age of Division. Its members were recruited from most Gelfling Clans as part of their obligations in upholding the Alliance of the Crystal. The Dousan were however exempted from service, as their perceived worship of death went against Skeksis beliefs.[2] Both males and females were eligible for service which, as well as protecting the Skeksis, included training beasts of burden like Armaligs and Landstriders, and repairing damage to the Castle.[3]

The Guard was dissolved shortly after the start of the Gelfling resistance, when Vapran paladins infiltrated the Castle and informed the Guard that the Skeksis were draining Gelflings of their essence. Although the Guards planned to seize the Castle, they were betrayed by Tolyn and killed by the Skeksis.[2]



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